Redskins’ Newest Comms Advisor Quits Amid Political Uproar

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Washington RedskinsThe Washington Football Team may have ended 4 of the past 5 seasons with a losing record, but they’ve appeared near the top of many “least desirable clients in the world” lists for far longer.

Last night we learned that Dan Snyder‘s latest attempt to improve his team’s public standing failed in quiet, Twitter-induced fashion.

The team’s basic strategy was to hire Ben Tribbett, a well-known political blogger who has long supported the Democratic Party, to help sway the public.

It didn’t work, though: last night Tribbett announced his resignation, appropriately, on Twitter after about two weeks on the job.

This strategy was interesting in that it amounted to an attempt to win the hearts and minds of a demographic that loosely amounts to “the opposition party”. Tribbett addressed that fact in his tweets last night:

This story is all the odder considering the fact that Tribbett was the blogger responsible for calling then-Senator George Allen out for his infamous “macaca” comment back in 2010. (He lost the election.)

And as this post on an Indian news network notes, the very source list Tribbett used to prove that “macaca” was a racist term also included the word…well, you know.

Back to the drawing board, then.