Patch Columnist Wonders About Those Weird Coffee Shop Dudes

The latest “About Town” column by Redondo Beach Patch contributor Eric Czuleger (pictured) covers ground that anyone who has spent a lot of time at the neighborhood coffee shop can relate to. It’s all about the strange, older male patrons that seem to inhabit each and every java joint.

Writes Czuleger:

At times this man may speak his thoughts out loud while making his seventh trip for a single packet of Splenda. He may have an accent from a country that does not exist anymore. At times this man may have a yelling contest with someone on his cell phone, much to the chagrin of those around him. He will buy coffee at a rate of one refill every three hours.

The young Patch columnist is something of an expert in these matters, having worked for many years as a barista himself. Another one of his very funny observations relates to the way those of us who spend a lot of time at coffee shops must form temporary bonds with other customers, all for the benefit of having our “stuff” watched while we take turns going to the restroom.

Fresh-faced theater major Czuleger is right on the mocha with his beachside humor, and we here at FBLA look forward to reading any future such riffs.

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