Redesigns:, Daily News Next?

Watch for a redesign of’s website. A spokesperson, Judith Czelusniak, confirms a redesign is in the works, and says the “new site will not resemble anything else that is now available on the Web.”

We’re not sure what that means — we assume it’s still going to be something you see on a computer screen. But the redesign comes as Reuters, another 800-pound gorilla in financial news, has aggressively made its stuff free online, with news, tons of free video, blog posts and other Web 2.0-like initiatives, and started selling tons of ads in the process., too, has gone big on the Web, claiming it has more readers than any other business publication, and has sections where its ads are sold out, as well.

Czelusniak says Bloomberg is not “seeking to specifically compete with anyone” and did not mention a date for the relaunch, just “soon,” though we’re told by a tipster it’s expected in the next couple weeks.

Bloomberg, of course, makes a bundle from its (roughly) $2,000 per terminal monthly fees, which are a very proprietary closed system sitting on hundreds of thousands of desktops around the world. But maybe even at Bloomberg, some more information wants to be free.

We’re also told the Daily News has hired a design firm called Entology to take a look at redesigning their website, and that plans include intentions to really serve the local market(s) around New York.