Red Cross Launches Pet First Aid App

Red Cross PetsEver come home to find your dog throwing up? Or turn around to see your cat choking on heck knows what? A call to your vet is probably a good first step, but now there’s a pet first aid app from the global disaster and emergency experts at the American Red Cross to help guide pet owners through their own animal disaster.

The Pet First Aid app offers step-by-step treatment tips for dog and cat owners in dozens of situations from bleeding to a car accident to hypothermia. Photos and how-to videos, such as pet CPR, demonstrate technique. A preprogrammed direct dial to Poison Control, as well as directions to the nearest animal emergency hospital let pet owners find further help for their pooch.

The app also offers a number of non-emergency features from a pet-friendly hotel search option to advice on saying goodbye to an elderly animal pal. Upload your pet’s medical stats to the app for quick reference, or take a quiz to test your emergency know-how and earn badges in the process.

Pet First Aid costs $0.99 and is available on iOS and Android.

The pet app joins a stable of Red Cross apps, including those targeting specific natural disasters (Earthquake, Wildfire, Tornado and Hurricane apps) and the human version First Aid app.