Recognizr? I Barely Know Her | Everyone’s Xed At ABC | The Local East Village Fails To Impress Bloggers

POPSCI: A Swedish mobile software firm has developed an app, called Recognizr, that will allow you to Facebook stalk people face-to-face.

TVNewser: Today ABC News cut 300-400 jobs, encouraging employees to take a buyout. Positions will now be filled by NYU J-school students.

The Awl: Speaking of which, The Awl’s Choire Sicha remains unimpressed with The New York Times‘ business model for The Local East Village.

Boing Boing: A company called MagicJack lost a defamation lawsuit it filed against Boing Boing. You may insert your own rubber/glue/”boing boing” joke.

NY Daily News: European theaters are boycotting Tim Burton’s Alice film because Disney’s push towards a quick DVD release will cut into movie ticket sales. And it’s better to have no money than some.