Recapping FishbowlNY’s Magazine Week


In case you missed our coverage, it began with J.Lo and ended with Jellinek, with some Arianna and Colbert and Coulter and Diddy and Jann and Navasky floating around, too. And, again, we apologize for any drinks we might’ve spilled on renowned D.C.-area bloggers-cum-authors.

  • Magazine Week at FishbowlNY
  • ‘Radar Would Still Be Alive if it Started Online’ and Other Huffingtonisms
  • Cindi Leive Named ASME President

    FBNY at the Time 100:

  • Time 100: The Most Influential People in the Room
  • Inside the Time 100 Party: The Evening in Pictures
  • Diddy’s Time 100 Posse Bigger Than Most Posses

    FBNY at the National Magazine Awards:

  • 2006 Ellies: Get Ready for Francis Ford, Meg Ryan and Your Ellie-tini!
  • 2006 Ellies: Time, New York, VQR, New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Esquire All Get 2, Toss Atlantic Shut Out
  • 2006 Ellies: Rodale’s Sweet-Ass Gym and Other Notes
  • 2006 Ellies: More Notes
  • Inside the 2006 Ellies: The Evening in Pictures

    FBNY at IMAG 2006:

  • Navasky’s Advice to Indie Mags: Shake Down Paul Newman for $1M, Spend It on Writers
  • IMAG 2006: On Digital Rights, No Answers, But Right Questions

    Post-Time 100-Ellies-IMAG:

  • Andy Pemberton Spins Changes in Editor’s Letter
  • Maxim Disputes NYP Story, Says Ed Resigned
  • Stuff‘s Jellinek Replaces Maxim‘s Needham
  • Inside the Mind of Maxim‘s New Editor