Congress App Gives Citizens a Look Inside a Shut Down Government

Non-profit non-partisan group Sunlight Foundation has created an app called Congress, which is designed to help American citizens understand what is going on on the congressional floor.

The free app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, is a great tool to see what is going on during the government shut down. The app’s news feed lets users check out the latest bills in Congress and how the different representatives are participating in pending legislation.

ABC News interviewed Sunlight Foundation spokeswoman Liz Bartolomeo:

Bartolomeo says one of the goals was to make it easy to connect with your local lawmakers and hold them accountable, too. To that end users can select the Legislators button to search lawmakers by state, house or senate, view how they voted on legislation, and connect with them on social media. Once you tap on a specific representative, users can map their office location and call their representative directly.