ReadTracker Social Reading App Launched

The social reading platform ReadMill has just gotten a second app.  This is a relatively new open platform that has been under development for the past few months. It is being developed by a Berlin based startup and it’s just now getting the attention it deserves.

You can track your reading as well as share what you’re reading, excerpts, and you can interact with other readers.

The new app is available in the Android Market. It was just launched last week, and the developer is still smoothing out the rough edges. Features are still limited, but you can use the app to keep track of the eBooks you read. It will help you learn more about how you read, and it will gather interesting data like how long time you have spent in a book.

There are any number of social reading platforms now (GoodReads, Copia, LibraryThing), but what sets this ReadMill apart is that it is open source. This means that it should be relatively easy for developers to add support for ReadMill to their apps. And more importantly, developers can add ReadMill to their eReaders.

That last is the important one, IMO. Do you recall a couple weeks back when Amazon added the @author feature? One of the niftier parts was that it worked from the Kindle itself. Amazon clearly believes that integrating dedicated eReaders into the social reading experience is the future, and I agree.

ReadMill is currently in a closed beta, and there is also an iPad app.

Android Market

ReadTracker via ReadMill