Afternoon Reading List 10.16.13


MSNBC makes it awkward: According to The Hill’s Jonathan Easley, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) got into a pretty charged-up conversation with MSNBC host Thomas Roberts on Tuesday. She repeatedly told him that his remarks were “inappropriate” and staunchly defended her stance regarding the current government stalemate. After the line of questioning reached its most heated moment, MSNBC cut to a press conference being given by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Why you should read it: Honestly, read it so that you don’t have to watch or hear the video clip. Around the 3:02 mark, Blackburn and Roberts decided to loudly make their points clear to each other — and at the exact same time. The writeup is way more comprehensible. Read more here.

Daily Caller is not amused by Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher: Jeff Poor, media reporter at the Daily Caller, just had the sweetest things to say about Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher in a story posted on Tuesday about Christopher asking a tongue-in-cheek question during a White House briefing. Poor’s piece mentioned that Christopher’s name isn’t actually “Tommy Christopher.”

Why you should read it: See the mildly humorous question Christopher asked White House press secretary Jay Carney that Poor declared as the “dumbest question in history of White House press briefings.” Read more here.

Who’s leaving The Guardian for greener pastures and who’s MSNBC’s favorite guy?


Greenwald leaves Guardian for new ambitious venture: The Guardian announced yesterday evening that Glenn Greenwald will be leaving the British publication to follow a “once-in-a-career opportunity that no journalist could possibly decline,” according to Greenwald. He is, of course, the American reporter who broke several stories about the National Security Agency’s widespread electronic surveillance based on info leaked by Edward Snowden.

Why you should read it: Check this story out if you appreciate irony. The news of Greenwald’s departure was actually leaked to the media before he was prepared to make an official announcement, so he initially didn’t provide any details about his “momentous new venture.” Leaks can be a real pain, am I right? Read more here.

There aren’t enough ways to compliment Chris Matthews: Politico’s Patrick Gavin reported this morning that Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, was not at a loss for words when he had an opportunity to speak highly of “Hardball” host Chris Matthews. In front of a crowd at Washington, D.C.’s P.J. Clarke’s restaurant on Tuesday night celebrating Matthews’ new book, Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked, Griffin said Matthews is a “national treasure at MSNBC” and that he’s “beloved at MSNBC and around politics,” among other very nice things.

Why you should read it: Don’t spend money on a “Toastmasters” class. Griffin gave Matthews one hell of a nice speech, so now you can just steal from that whenever you have to stand up and say kind things about a colleague. Read more here.