Afternoon Reading List 10.08.13

Saying these 17 phrases may make others despise you: BuzzFeed Fellow (BuzzFeed has a fellow?) Adam Ellis made a contribution to society with his list of 17 misused and made-up phrases that people say all the time. Each of these pseudo-phrases is a terrible bastardization of an actual saying. Unfortunately the real phrases appear to be on the way out, while talking like a goon is becoming more and more popular.

Why you should read it: Double check and make sure you’re not one of those people who says things like ‘ostrich-sized,’ thinking it means something other than the size of an ostrich. Read more here.

Fox News host apologizes, finally understands ‘parody’: Yesterday, LAT’s Meredith Blake reported that Fox News’ host, Anna Kooimanofficially apologized for saying that that President Obama would personally pay out of pocket to keep the International Museum of Muslim Cultures open during the government shutdown. The false report was originally derived from a parody story that came out of the National Report, a satirical news site that’s worth checking out for a laugh and some fake news.

Why you should read it: Because you should read exactly how Kooiman and her producers swallowed their pride and made her tweet an apology, like a grown up. Except she didn’t actually admit what she was apologizing for. Stay tuned for that (we think) this weekend. Read more here.

Follow the jump for Jon Stewart’s accusations against of the Secretary of H.H.S….

Jon Stewart doesn’t buy what H.H.S. Secretary is selling: Last night on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” Stewart flat out accuses Sec. Kathleen Sebelius of lying about Obamacare’s lax rules for big businesses in his post interview monologue. Daily Caller’s senior editor Jamie Weinsteinwrites up the confrontation from the interview and provides videos of Stewart tenaciously trying to muscle out  answers and reasoning from the Secretary.

Why you should read it: Stewart, once again, proves that his role in media is far more valuable than that of some real reporters, and he can sometimes even be a part-time badass now and again. Read more here.