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Some more stuff of interest…

  • The White House Correspondent job stinks.”

  • For NPR, money changes everything.

  • Al Jazeera’s “billion-dollar bet, in English.”

  • Former FishbowlNY’er (now with the Huffington Post) Rachel Sklar takes on the Russert Watch. (Oh, and in case you were curious: “Harwood is rooting for George Mason. Cook likes LSU. Broder’s a Villanova man. Russert mocks Bumiller her lack of interest in the NCAAs. Yeah, well, Tim, you wear that BC hat with pride, buddy.”). Sklar also discusses how “You Don’t Go to Press With the War You Want, You Go to Press With the War You Have.”

  • The Washington City Paper launches a blog, “City Desk,” and uses one of their first posts to discuss (what else) flaws with the Washington Post.

  • Harry Jaffe handicaps the Pulitzers.

  • Washington’s Hottest Salon Is a Deathbed

  • Is the AP guilty of plagiarism?

  • Does Adam Nagourney like ecstasy?

  • Jessica Cutler gets her revenge on Ben Domenech.

  • Elisabeth Bumiller: Is she kidding me?