Reader Tip Ahoy!

Reader Tip Ahoy!

Pauline from Brand Packaging just tipped us off to this brilliant banana juice (buh?) packaging coming to us from clever marketers in Japan. In her email to us she writes:

Hi. Keep us in mind for future fodder: We cover the marketing impact of great packaging.

FYI: In Japan, there’s a line of juice boxes that are designed to look like
the fruit they contain. the banana box rocks (see link below).


Her link takes you to the image you see here. Unfortunately, as I do not speak Japanese, I couldn’t figure out how to navigate to an index of all the glorious fruit boxes. Reader assistance in this regard would be much appreciated. The site is here. Or at least I think it’s the main page of the site. Send links, theories, translations to jen AT unbeige DOT com

And while we’re on the topic of bananas, I gleefully direct you to my beta post about the Banana Bunker.