Reader Responds: ‘My Face is Still Red’

Yesterday we ran an item on The Daily Caller‘s ballsy op-ed by Mark Judge giving advice to MNSBC’s Congressional Correspondent Luke Russert. In the piece, he told Luke to please not write a book about father. He also called the late Tim Russert “phony.”

While FishbowlDC does not normally run blind letters like this, we think this one is well worth a read. It’s from a former NBC Meet the Press intern:

I’m never one to comment on, well, anything — but I just had to speak up for the man I will always think of as “Mr. Russert.”

Talk about a presence. He had it. As a 2006 MTP intern, let me tell you that he was nothing short of amazing. Cliche, yes. Then again, so is calling someone a phony. Mr. Russert once called three of us interns into his huge (oh no, maybe he is snobby *sarcasm) office. After some small talk he asked us all what our parents did for a living. One lawyer, one lobbyist of sorts — when he looked at me I responded “I loved Big Russ and Me.” I didn’t think anyone noticed. When I dropped of his clips the next afternoon he asked again “___, what do your parents do?”

As the true immigrant story, my parents worked hard for a living, all for me. I responded “My mom is a housekeeper and my dad was a gas station attendant. The “dishonest” Mr. Russert replied, “Honorable professions. The next time someone asks you, answer. There is nothing worse than being ashamed of people who care about you.”

Thank you, “Tim.” Lesson learned. Excessive, I don’t know. Wise, yes. And my face is still red.