RE: Last Post: Jarvis was right

Fishbowl changes its mind

In the last post, we halfway defended E&P‘s general idiocy on the basis of perpetual story shortage. The age-old “they can’t help it” defense. Then we saw this:
A “twenty-something” from New York has written an E&P editorial suggesting that
newspaper readership is declining because we have deemed the medium itself — often calm, dispassionate, and time-consuming with all its sections and space for hundreds article — flawed and out of step with the way we live.
Right now, we believe there is no time and no need to read and then deliberate.

Aside from the fact that article itself is nearly unreadable (you’d think a publication called Editor & Publisher would have them, but by all appearances, no), the earth-shattering argument that young people don’t have the time or attention span to read newspapers has no actual facts or data to back it up. As a “twenty-something” from New York, at least one of us finds that offensive. (So offensive that we’re compelled to draw insolent little mustaches on boring trade publications!)