Rdio for iPad Available: Premium Streaming Priced at $14.99

With streaming music service Spotify finally available in the U.S., the new game is to guess when Spotify, MOG and Rdio will all have iPad apps. They all have iPhone apps. But, Rdio is the first of the three to make an iPad app available.

Rdio Launches Official iPad App, Beating Spotify and MOG (ReadWriteWeb)

The Rdio Unlimited plan is needed is you want to actually use the free Rdio iPad app to stream music. Although ReadWriteWeb and other new sources quote a $9.99 per month price for premium service, the Rdio app information page shows the plan to be $14.99 per month. Spotify and MOG both charge $9.99 per month for their premium services which includes streaming to mobile devices.

At $14.99, Rdio competes in price with the non-streaming Microsoft Zune Pass subscription service which lets a subscriber download an unlimited number of songs and choose up to 10 songs per month that can be played forever even after a subscription lapses.