RD Recap: Top Editors Resign From Gawker; New Hires at Country Living

The latest media hirings and firings.

Revolving Door

Revolving DoorTommy Craggs and Max Read resign from Gawker Media. They were executive editor of the company and editor in chief of the flagship site, respectively. The departures come after founder Nick Denton took down a controversial post. This can be seen as a principled stand against power or a ridiculous and overly dramatic martyrdom, depending on your point of view. If you’re a betting person, don’t expect these to be the last resignations stemming from the incident. Regardless, Craggs, Read, and anyone else who follows them out the door won’t lack for work for long…

National Journal loses Fawn Johnson. The former senior reporter is off to Morning Consult, where she’ll join editor in chief Meghan McCarthy, a former NJ staffer. Managing editor Kristin Roberts leaves as well, a result of Atlantic Media chairman David Bradley‘s decision to end NJ’s print run… Marie Claire France snags Mathieu Meyer as creative director, with Elle, M and GQ contributor Elsa Guiol coming on as features editor in chief… Country Living hires Laura Kostelny and Caroline McKenzie as executive editors. McKenzie was most recently deputy editor there, while Kostelny comes from D Magazine, where she was managing editor… Read More