RCP Editor Scolds Mayor for Butchering Twain

RealClearPolitics Washington Editor Carl Cannon is not just a history buff. He’s a history buff on the warpath, especially when it comes to misquoting Mark Twain.

The usually mild-mannered Cannon doesn’t fight on Twitter. He holds back on just about all fronts. But this week he went after do-gooder New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker in a way that has us thinking journalists and politicians better leave the country if they screw up their history.

America Rising, a conservative opposition research group founded by Mitt Romney‘s campaign manager Matt Rhoades, detailed the exchange here.

What Booker wrote: “‘Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions. Small people do that but the really great make u feel that u 2 can become great’ Twain”

Cannon snapped, “I wish @CoryBooker would quit tweeting these fake Mark Twain quotes. It’s not Watergate (or Benghazi), but it is annoying.”

We reached out to Cannon to see if he’s forgiven Booker or if he plans to send him a book of Twain quotes. So far, no response.

UPDATE: Cannon told FishbowlDC that any ill will with the mayor has been patched up. “Well, you know I get along with everybody, and if you saw the last couple of tweets between me and the mayor, you’ll see that we’re all good,” he wrote by email. “I certainly didn’t mean to single him out: Trying to keep quotes accurate has become a hobby of mine. It was always hard to do—harder now in the days of social media—and I’ve written about it a fair amount. This might be the first a piece I wrote on the topic…back in the Pleistocene Age.” Read here.