Rare Modernist Treasures Await You at the Ukrainian Museum


Our wayward contributor Steven Heller, who we now know haunts New York’s cultural hotspots because the sabbatical-ed NY Times employee doesn’t know what else to do with himself, passes along this juicy tidbit.

In the Little Known Museum Department

Who knew that El Lissitzky, Rodchencko, and Malevich would be showing in the East Village, N.Y.?

A little treasure of a museum, The Ukrainian Museum, New York is currently showing “Modernism in Ukraine 1910-1930.” Kiev was a wellspring of the avant garde–from Cubo-Futurism to Constructivism, from abstraction to political impressionism, which is always lumped together as Bolshevik art. The original paintings, drawings, sculpture, and typographic compositions in this show includes works rarely seen in the U.S. And some never seen before. Also included are some avant garde artists (typographers like Anatol’ Petryts’ky’) as well various women–who got lost in the shuffle (notably Alexandra Exter). The exhibit is up until March 11 and is located at 222 East 6th Street in NYC. You never can tell where a great museum will rise amid the high priced tenements.