Randy Harvey new LAT Sports Editor

Former LAT sports reporter / assistant sports editor Randy Harvey will succeed Bill Dwyre as Sports Editor. Memo after the jump.

To: The Staff
From: Doug Frantz, Managing Editor

I’m very pleased to announce that Randy Harvey is returning to The Times as sports editor.

Lots of clichés could apply here — you can go home again, the prodigal son returns. The truth is, when we looked around the world of journalism for our first new sports editor in 25 years, Randy was the most compelling choice, in some ways the only choice, to succeed Bill Dwyre.

When I asked the sports editor of the Washington Post to name the best candidate for the job, he didn’t hesitate. “Randy Harvey,” he said. “And you’d do me a big favor by getting him out of Baltimore.” Many others in the sports arena and beyond agreed.

The favor is not to the Post, but to The Times and its readers. Randy has the experience, imagination and skill to lift our sports coverage yet another notch. He is a worthy successor to a legend like Bill.

Randy joined The Times in 1981, covering the Lakers in the era of Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He made his name as an Olympics reporter and then wrote the Page 2 column. After that, he moved inside as senior assistant sports editor.

Two years ago, Randy was wooed east to become assistant managing editor for sports at the Baltimore Sun, where he polished his reputation as a thoughtful, innovative editor.

Before he came to The Times, Randy worked for a couple of Texas papers, the Chicago Sun-Times and the New York Daily News. He is married to Maryann Hudson, a former Times sportswriter. They have an 8-year-old son, David.

Randy will start in early April. Bill will get a temporary promotion to executive sports editor to help us through the transition. During that period, we will figure out how best to tap Bill’s deep well of knowledge, skill and integrity to serve the Sports Department for many years to come.