Rand Paul Lashes Out at Bill Kristol

"He's a bit confused on things and when Bill wins an office, we'll listen more to what he has to say."

On Wednesday’s edition of “Morning Joe,” Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) responded to criticism from The Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol with some scathing remarks about whether the neo-conservative political analyst is out of touch with the modern GOP.

“Some Republicans like Bill Kristol, who is on the show a good bit, would say and he has said that you stand with Keith Ellison,” said the show’s co-host Joe Scarborough, referring to Kristol’s comments on ABC’s “This Week.

“He’s a bit confused on things and when Bill wins an office, we’ll listen more to what he has to say,” replied a visibly agitated Paul. “I don’t think he’s very much into the mainstream of what is popular in America anymore.”

“Are Republicans on foreign policy with the mainstream of Americans?” Scarborough quickly interjected. “Have we been for the last decade?”

“If you want to get to America, you gotta get outside the Beltway,” said the Senator. “A lot of people are trapped inside the Beltway, and they think war is always the answer, but I’m asking some difficult questions of Republicans: do you think the invasion of Iraq made it more stable or us more safe? We now have ISIS to contend with. Do you think the invasion of Libya made us more safe or made the country more stable?”

Watch the segment, courtesy of MSNBC.