Raises Coming For Some Creative Professions, Robert Half Says In Book Designed For Children

Great news! Starting salaries for many creative professions will rise 3.5 percent in 2012, according to staffing group Robert Half International.

Anyone with interactive skills will be “especially sought after.” The top six titles, RHI says, are Online Project Manager, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist, User Experience (UX) Designer, Video Producer, Web Analytics Specialist, and Web Designer/Developer.

The lowest starting salary for an interactive hire will be around $40,000, RHI says, while high starting salaries (for those with many years of experience) may see offers as high as $150,000. This depends, of course, on your geographical location (salaries in New York City run about 40 percent higher than the average, while those in Green Bay, Wisc., are about 86 percent of the average).

All good so far, though: the numbers are up, and they’re not bad, and assuming you can get a job, you’ll be paid pretty fairly.

So why the heck is this guide called “The Fun Book” and sprinkled with rebuses, Spot The Difference puzzles, and a maze? Okay, we get it–it’s about being “fun” and getting designers’ attention and all that. But reading this report just feels like being back in grade school. (Although, upon further reflection, if they’d given this book out during school maybe some folks pursuing the lower-paid careers would have changed their minds….)

Designers: May act like children sometimes (just kidding, designer friends) but they’re not really children. We promise.