This Racket Magazine is Alive and Well

Thanks to the wonderful whirl of Twitter, we received this rapid response Tuesday to an item about the retreat of First Look Media’s Racket:


Ha ha. Duly noted. As a public journalism service, we took the time to check out the content of this Racket gang, posted below the delightful tagline – ‘The Lifestyle Magazine For People With No Life.’ What’s more, in the retreating shadow of Matt Taibbi’s eight months of service, this Racket – based in Redlands, CA – is getting ready to celebrate its tenth anniversary under the leadership of Jonathan Yost:

I launched Racket in 2005 because I loved talking about bands, concerts, comics, video games and God knows what else with my friends. It didn’t hurt that publishing one’s opinions makes you some kind of journalist, and journalists get this shit for free.

I gathered some friends who knew what the hell they were talking about and we combined our opinions here at Now, years later, Racket’s still going, though a vast majority of the original batch has moved on to day jobs, shitting out babies or are neck deep in getting PhDs. Seriously. I have found myself with a day-job moderately tied into the music industry, but cannot seem to give up Racket. It turns out, there are plenty of people who also like writing about their favorite shit, and ask me to help them develop their rambling diatribes, glittering praise and blistering hate and put them on the site. Sure thing.

There’s everything from an interview with the founder of Suicide Girls to a review of a performance by Swedish group First Aid Kit. Yost tells FishbowlNY that up next are Racket’s Holiday Gift Guides, a.k.a. “pretty much just stuff we want people to buy us.”

Besides Yost’s preferred byline of The Emperor, there may be another strand connecting him to the combative spirit of Taibbi. “One of my journalistic highlights was being let go from Vice magazine [as a freelancer] for offending an editor with a review of his friend’s band. I was too offensive for Vice. Stoked.”