Rachel Maddow Rips WaPo a New A$$#@!&

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow took WaPo to task for a story on Mitt Romney Wednesday night. And that’s putting it mildly. Rather, she channeled her inner Freddy Krueger and methodically butchered the story to shreds one line at a time. She called the piece “whitewash” and “non journalism.”

The WaPo story by National Political Reporter Philip Rucker published Wednesday and concerned a multimillion dollar fundraiser that former Veep Dick Cheney will host for Romney at his Wyoming home tonight. In the seven-minute segment, she paints WaPo as an unintelligent lapdog to Romney campaign advisors. She seethes, laughs and reads through the story with a bitter tone. We reached out to WaPo‘s Rucker for comment. So far, he has no comment.

“I am a fan of Washington Post as a newspaper of national regard, but they ought to be embarrassed for the news piece that they wrote on this subject today,” Maddow began. “Romney advisors fed to the Washington Post and the Washington Post then dutifully wrote down what the Romney advisors said, which is that Romney and Cheney speak infrequently. An advisor said there is little evidence of Cheney’s influence or that of Cheney’s close associates on Romney’s policies and politics. From the Post: People who know both Romney and Cheney who are talking to the Washington Post for I don’t know what reason said they have contrasting leadership styles. Where Cheney comes off at times as sharp-tongued  Romney often projects a sunny optimism. They’re not quoting there, that’s just the Washington Post. Really, Washington Post? Is that what the people who know Mitt Romney and Dick Cheney told you to say? Oh, but wait, there’s more reporting here. Where Cheney’s beliefs and policies are rooted in conservative ideology, Romney’s tend to be driven by analytical problem solving. This is crack Washington Post reporting, emphasis on the word crack.”

Maddow goes on, slicing and dicing. “The Washington Post even tries to do some o f the awkward spinning themselves, without just writing down directly what Romney advisors told them to say. …This is not a quote this is the Washington post explaining to you, the reader, how there’s definitely no connection between the horrible Bush Cheney years and the sunny optimistic Romney guy.”

She points out how WaPo has to note that Bush-Cheney’s former aides such as Senior Defense Policy Advisor Stephen Hadley and Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice have been involved in endorsing and speaking at Romney donor retreats.

Maddow concludes, “Well done, Washington Post.”