Quote of Note | Pilar Guzman

“[At Martha Stewart Living] we work in this open plan office, and it’s really more like a creative arts studio than it is like any office I’ve worked in. Every other corporate publishing company looks like corporate law offices, but this is an amazing backdrop for creative people. I spend my day going through story ideas, doing run-throughs once story ideas are developed to see what kind of ideas would be featured in a given story, and having art meetings to determine what photographer or what direction we want to move in for each story. We talk in length about just making beautiful pictures, or how to put together a page that delivers both inspiration and elevates everyday life. A lot of thought goes into the visual side and the editorial side, so a lot of meetings are bringing those two halves of the brain and two types of editors and designers together so we can all be on the same page—literally.”

Pilar Guzman, editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart Living magazine, in an interview published today on mediabistro.com