Quote of Note | Kate Mulleavy

“What we try to do is to create from a place that is very personal. Every season we try to discover and push our vision and voice a little bit further. I don’t think we were ever married to the idea that in a few years we would understand what our vision is, because I think as a designer you spend your whole life figuring that out and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

We have always believed that no matter where you are from, as a designer you are creating your own world. Laura and I are very tied to the idea of creating clothes that we felt like were very thought out and meticulous and also reflective of what our inspiration and interests are, but I wouldn’t tie it to one philosophy or another. There are some American designers and some European designers that I feel a parallel and importance and dialogue with in both aesthetics and approaches.” -Designer Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte