Quote of Note | Iris van Herpen

A dress from Iris van Herpen’s “Wilderness Embodied” haute couture collection, photographed by Jean Baptiste Mondino.

“One thing that I really don’t want to be part of is mass production…being aware that most of it won’t be sold and will just be destroyed….I think it’s much more of a challenge to start thinking, what are other ways of creating clothes? 3D printing is one possibility we have now, but I really feel that there is much more [that is] possible in the near future. I couldn’t tell you now what it will be or how, but I really feel that it can be a lot simpler than it is now. It’s a complex process of the sketch to the toiles to the samples to factory to the showroom to the shop to the customer. I feel that it can be a lot easier, and you see it changing with music or video and other things, and I really think that ‘materiality’ will change also in process.”

-Fashion designer Iris van Herpen in an interview (below) with Lou Stoppard for SHOWstudio