Quora Becomes a Game — Earn Credits for Answering Questions

Quora is one of my favorite emerging social networks.  The service is all about questions and answers, and the website does a great job of ensuring that’s the main focus.  You can browse various topics and hear answers to questions from Why hasn’t someone built a dominant digital business card application for mobile? to What life lessons are counter-intuitive or go against common sense or wisdom? Now, after months in beta, Quora is unrolling Quora Credits, which allow people to earn questions for their hard work.

You can read more at the official Quora post about it, but the gist is that the service is being rolled out with another, important service called “Ask to Answer”.  Every person on Quora is able to answer questions when they can, and sometimes, when people think the answer is worthy, their answer gets upvoted in a similar way to Reddit.  Well, now, every time you get an upvote, you get a Quora credit, which you can then use to ask a professional to answer a question.

It’s a great element that will allow for very passionate requests.  If you really, really want to ask Christopher Nolan how he came up with the plot of Memento, you can save up a ton of credits by answering good questions then use it on your question!

What do you think of the service?  Are you tired of every service on the web turning into a game, or is this a fun way to make anything interesting?

Image: Adchariyaphoto via Shutterstock