Quit Your Bitchin’

The relationship between the White House and the media is much the same as any other relationship — there is a give and take, a back and forth, and, most importantly, a constant battle for the upper hand. The Boston Phoenix’s Mark Jurkowitz explains that “an adversarial relationship between journalists and whoever occupies the White House is, in many ways, the natural order of things.”

While the administration is trying to “convince” America that they are doing a great job, the media is going to great lengths to poke holes in their argument. So to all those DC journos who are moaning about the feds tracking your calls (and this goes for you too Bernstein), “In other words, stop whining and do your job. And may the better man — or woman — win.”

Jurkowitz: “Complaining about the administration’s tactics or attitudes is not journalism’s job. Instead, the media’s response to any offense against the truth should be to launch an even more intensive search for it.”