Quick, What’s The Most Social State?

Would you guess New York, where millions of people are glued to their iPhones? California, where social companies live?

Turns out it’s Indiana.

Sarah Evans, who we mentioned earlier was kicking off mediabistro.com’s social media boot camp did a study examining where the most people and/or businesses ask to be friended, liked, followed, etc.

In addition to many other findings (more than 100,000 “asks” per day are made worldwide), the study found that more than 1/8 of the asks in a month came from Indiana-based companies and people. California followed behind with 11 percent of the asks, followed by New York (7 percent), Texas (6.5 percent), and Louisiana (5.5 percent).

That’s not all.

Evans told us by email that “in the last three studies Alterian did on unrelated topics Indiana was in the top 10…We haven’t looked in to it any further than that as I don’t have the budget to commission that type of study.”

So, if you’re from Indiana….what’s up with this?

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