Questioning the White House

The White House Press Corps has long been on notice that there are a million Americans who think they can do the job better than the current crew. Now the White House Briefing’s Dan Froomkin is pooling that collective wisdom with his requests for readers’ questions to President Bush about the issue of credibility.

“Members of the White House press corps make a mistake when, either at news conferences or in sit-down interview with Bush, they allow the central issue of credibility to go unexplored,” Froomkin wrote.

From about 500 submitted questions, Froomkin narrowed down a list of questions people would to see the White House asked:

“Have you ever used NSA derived information for political purposes?”

“Did you actually read the August 6, 2001 PDB, ‘Bin Laden determined to strike in the United States?’ If so, why did you not act on it? If not, why is it necessary to spy on Americans when you don’t even use the information you already have?”

“You promised you would fire anyone involved in the leaking of CIA agent Plame‘s name. Your standard then was not whether a senior administration official ‘committed a crime’ but rather ‘was involved in the leak’. You stated that you considered this a very serious matter and yet you praised Libby following his indictment. Why have you not fired Karl Rove who testified that he talked about Plame’s employment with two reporters?”

Of course until the public gets around to cheap stunts like offer of $1,000 to whatever reporter asks their chosen question, there’s little chance of any of them getting asked…