Stop the Twitter Presses! Marvin Prime Has Arrived

Looks like last year's Bitcoin mining venture is really starting to pay off for Quartz.

MarvinPrimeTwitterWall Street Journal tech columnist Christopher Mims holds a dubious honor. At press time, he is the first and only person being followed on Twitter by Marvin Prime.

That may not seem like a big deal. Until you realize that Mr. Prime is a figment of Quartz’s April 1 imagination. An AI reporter for these A.D. times. From today’s announcement:

Bowing to trends in the media industry, Prime will publish all of his insights directly to Twitter.

This is the cleverest April Fools’ gag we’ve seen today. It’s not only well-written, but also skewers in the process about a half-dozen media trends, without anyone getting hurt (we think). Well done.

A rep for Quartz, when contacted by this real reporter, clarified with a bit more info. “It’s a tweetbot, created by one of our senior product engineers, Sam Williams. The account curates language from a number of tech pundits’ tweets. Williams is overseeing the feed together with [Quartz economics and politics writer] Tim Fernholz. Right now, the plan is to run the bot indefinitely.”