A Review of Quarterly Earnings for iOS, Android Gaming Companies

We’ve created a little cheat sheet for industry observers summarizing smartphone earnings and growth for the second quarter (or first quarter, depending on the company’s fiscal calendar). We also put in privately-held freemium gaming companies for which you can guesstimate earnings based on top-grossing titles. Given how publicly-traded companies are performing with both freemium and paid app monetization on a quarterly basis, we’re looking at a few privately-held companies that will probably comfortably cross $50 million in annual revenue this year. Also keep in mind that everyone’s market capitalization is down significantly because of the global stock market rout. Update: We revised market caps on today’s rebound, although Asian and European equities have yet to follow on the U.S. market’s gains.

We did not include GREE and DeNA because both are large platform plays and so it would be hard to discern how well their own original IP is doing. Also, the Japanese market is fundamentally different from the rest of the world in terms of ARPU.

Publicly-Traded Gaming Companies

Glu Mobile:
Smartphone Revenue: $9.4 million last quarter, up 58 percent year-over-year
Market Cap: $191.8 million
Hits: Gun Bros, Contract Killer
Number of Titles Consistently in Top Grossing 50: Varies widely, depending on launches. Zero to two on iOS. The company currently has four in Android’s top-grossing 50.

Smartphone Revenue: Up to $10.9 million last quarter came from smartphones and social networking sites. It’s not clear how much of that came from the Facebook version versus the iOS version of the Smurf’s Village game.
Market Cap: $1.70 billion
Hits: Smurf’s Village, Zombie Cafe
Number of Titles Consistently in Top Grossing 50: Usually at least one on iOS. Capcom hasn’t had a major hit on Android.

Smartphone Revenue: $5.6 million last quarter, up 269 percent year-over-year
Market Cap: $198.3 million
Hits: Air Penguin, Zenonia, Baseball Superstars, Colosseum Heroes, Air Penguin
Number of Titles Consistently in Top Grossing 50: Varies. Sometimes one to two on iOS and one to two on Android.

Electronic Arts:
Mobile Revenue: $57 million last quarter, up 10 percent year-over-year. EA doesn’t break out smartphone revenue, so this counts feature phone revenue.
Market Cap: $6.16 billion
Hits: Bejeweled Blitz, The SHIFT racing games, Tetris, Sims 3
Number of Titles Consistently in Top Grossing 50: Also varies widely. It’s currently four (with two titles from recently acquired PopCap Games), but sometimes it races closer to 10 when the company has sales.

Revenue: Gameloft did 23 million euros ($32.7 million) in smartphone and tablet-related sales in the first half of this year, averaging out to $16.3 million a quarter. The second quarter is likely to be much bigger than the first though. Smartphone and tablet revenue is up 55 percent year-over-year.
Market Cap: $430.7 million
Hits: Order & Chaos, Asphalt 6
Number of Titles Consistently in Top Grossing 50: Varies widely from zero to three and possibly more, depending on when Gameloft has sales. Gameloft has one title in Android’s top 50 grossing currently.

Privately-Held Gaming Companies

Pocket Gems:
Hits: Tap Zoo, Tap Pet Hotel (with more coming soon)
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: Two, and they’re almost always in the top 10, if not the top 5 on iOS. The company doesn’t have any presence on Android, but it’s coming soon.
Revenue: Undisclosed, but it would likely be above Glu’s $9.4 million per quarter. Since Smurf’s Village may be doing about $3 million a month, it’s possible that Pocket Gems may be around or above $5 million a month with the two of the highest-grossing games in the iOS store.
Funding: $5 million from Sequoia Capital, angels.

Zynga* (soon to be publicly traded):
Hits: Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends via the Newtoy acquisition. Zynga Poker. Cityville Hometown has been a decent performer with a ranking usually in the 30s or 40s.
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: Usually around three on iOS. Zynga has launched some games on Android, but it has yet to build a strong presence there.
Revenue: Overall first quarter revenue was $235.4 million. The company does not break out mobile revenue.
Funding: $845 million from Google, Digital Sky Technologies, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Union Square Ventures and others.

Hits: World War, Fashion Story, iMobsters, Bakery Story, Restaurant Story, Vampires Live
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: Usually four to six on iOS and around 10 to 12 on Android.
Revenue: Also probably easily above Glu’s $9.4 million in smartphone revenue a quarter.
Funding: No external funding to date, although there are rumors of a $300 million round on a $1 billion valuation.

Rovio Mobile:
Hits: Angry Birds and all of the brands’ extensions.
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: Usually three and all of them are variations on Angry Birds.
Revenue: Undisclosed. It would be extremely hard to predict or benchmark off of publicly-traded mobile gaming companies because Rovio gets many special one-off deals with carriers and entertainment companies like Twentieth Century Fox. Rovio also derives more revenue from advertising compared to the rest of these companies.
Funding: $42 million from Atomico Ventures and Accel Partners

Game Insight:
Hits:  Paradise Island
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: Varies widely. Sometimes they have two on iOS and sometimes they have none. On Android, however, they control the highest-grossing game Paradise Island.
Revenue: Unknown, but the company did say it was making $1 million per month in net revenue from Paradise Island on Android in July.
Funding: Undisclosed

Hits: Tiny Zoo
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: Usually one, Tiny Zoo.
Funding: $18 million from Andreessen Horowitz

Hits: TradeNations, MetalStorm: Online
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: Varies between zero and two.
Revenue: Likely just under or around Glu Mobile’s runrate of $9.4 million per quarter given that the company’s games hover around the same ranking levels on iOS. Z2Live doesn’t really have an Android presence though. 
Funding: The company raised a round of undisclosed size from Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Madrona Venture Group.

Hits: Top Girl
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: One
Funding: $23 million from Intel Capital, Time Warner, The9 and other angels

Hits: Original Gangstaz
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: Two at the moment on iOS. Usually their titles are below 25, but Original Gangstaz has been climbing as of late.
Funding: Addmired has seed funding from incubator YCombinator.

The Playforge:
Hits: Zombie Farm
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: Usually one.
Funding: They’re bootstrapped, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see them take funding at some point.

Kama Games:
Hits: Texas Poker
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: Usually one. Kama Games recently acquired the IP behind a number of games like Mall Party, so they’ve been pushing these titles higher through cross-promotion.
Funding: No outside venture funding. The company was founded by a supermarket magnate in Siberia.