Quantcast Hustles to Lead Web Video Measurement

Web metrics upstart Quantcast is making a play to take a leadership position in the still unsettled market for measuring online video.

The company announced on Dec. 8 it had signed on both Hulu—the fast growing long form video hub launched by NBC Universal and News Corp.–and prominent online video ad network BBE (formerly Broadband Enterprises) to implement its proprietary video tracking tools. The two companies join previous participants The Disney-ABC TV Group, Veoh and Metacafe.

Quantcast claims that its video tracking product can provide an answer to one of the Web’s ongoing metrics challenges—how do you track the audience for online video content that doesn’t live on one site but instead is distributed across the Web? 

Both incumbent metrics firms Nielsen Online and comScore have pledged to produce tools designed to answer this challenge, though a single standard has yet to emerge for the fast growing industry. That makes it difficult for media companies and advertisers to gauge the true audience size or characteristics for particular videos on the Web.

Executives said that Quantcast will be able to offer its enhanced video tracking services to Hulu and BBE during the 2009/10 planning season.

“Our goal is to help online video companies and the digital media community as a whole move to a more connected business model, where actionable audience insights drive successful advertising programs,” said Todd Teresi, chief revenue officer of Quantcast.