Qualms Over Haddad

Since all media commentary carries with it a healthy dose of speculation, let’s just jump right in.

So, let’s just say — hypothetically, of course — that Ms. Haddad does, in fact, leave Hardball for Good Morning America. What does this mean for Hardball? Would this be a major roadblock for a show that had such high hopes for success in 2006?

Let’s be honest: MSNBC’s DC Bureau on 400 North Capitol basically consists of the Hardball staff…and that’s it. If Tammy walks…would Chris Matthews walk too? (Answer: Doubtful)

Less doubtful, however, is the fate of the Hardball staff, many of whom are fiercely — and understandably — loyal to Haddad (and perhaps eager to ride her coattails to potential GMA dominance over the Today show). Will producers want to stay if Haddad’s departure means MSNBC’s political presence decreases (and during an election year, no less?) Will the resumes start flowing to rival networks?

Continuing the speculation, one anonymous tipster speculates thusly:

    If Tammy Haddad goes to GMA, she will be taking some of her MSNBC “talent” with her. Several Hardballers have pledged to follow Haddad and have windows of opportunity coming in their contracts. Haddad has a tight circle that she trusts and who trust her. Watch as that circle, including an on-air reporter, follow her to ABC.