Qualcomm’s Mirasol To Make Second CES Appearance Next Year


Qualcomm may finally be bringing back its Mirasol eReader out in the light again.

Pocket Lint reports: “Qualcomm has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it will launch, in connection with a partner, a device, probably an ebook reader, that features its Mirasol colour screen technology in the first quarter of 2011. An announcement is expected at CES in Las Vegas in January.”

Qualcomm demonstrated the Mirasol eReader screen back at CES 2010. The Mirasol has the battery life of eInk but it is full color and can also play video. Amazon has been rumored to be testing the new screen, but Qualcomm has not confirmed any partners.

Hopefully next year Qualcomm will roll the Mirasol out and not just show off the technology at CES.