Q1 Sunday Show Ratings

The Q1 ratings are out for the Sunday shows, and there aren’t many surprises. NBC’s “Meet the Press” clobbered everyone else, although ABC’s third-place “This Week” grew the most year-to-year of all the shows.

NBC trumpeted that “Meet the Press” has now placed first in total viewers for 34 straight quarters–the program’s best showing since at least 1980, as far back as NBC News research records go.

The numbers:
NBC “MEET THE PRESS” 4,110,000 1,430,000/1.2
CBS “FACE THE NATION” 3,190,000 1,260,000/1.0
ABC “THIS WEEK” 2,630,000 990,000/.8
FOX “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” 1,450,000 560,000/.5

> An emailer adds: “I work at CBS News and what NBC News is hiding is Meet the Press was the ONLY Sunday PA program to be down in viewers in March, -3%. ABC and FOX were both up 10% and CBS was up the most at 14%. In 25-54 viewers, Meet the Press was up the LEAST, 4%, FOX and CBS were up 13% and 17%, and CBS was up the most 31%. CBS is the big winner in March while NBC and Tim Russert are the big losers.”