Put on Your Fruit Hat! It’s the Chiquita Banana Sticker Design Contest

As brands revive the “jingle contests” of yore (the sort that Lucy and Ethel were forever scheming to win) for “social media-oriented design contests,” we pass by most of them for fear of appearing to encourage spec work, and also because we despise the term “social media.” But in the event that you have harbored dreams of putting your own (ovoid, blue) stamp on slapstick’s favorite fruit, you should know about the Chiquita Banana Sticker Design Contest. The just-launched competition is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, but beware slippery rules that prohibit “inclusion or reference to Miss Chiquita,” (but they don’t say anything about Carmen Miranda!). Also, no “text or letters.”
At stake? Your name in lights—or at least your sticker in the produce section. Chiquita’s banana experts will select 50 finalist designs on the basis of creativity (30%); visual impact (30%); the extent to which they embody “the Chiquita brand attributes” of fun, family-friendly, youthful/energetic, and fresh (25%); and the extent to which they can be recognized as a Chiquita banana sticker (15%). Then it’s up to the public to pick the 18 winners that will be affixed to Chiquita bananas nationwide. The time is ripe to enter, as entries must be received by July 18. Get inspired by watching the famed “I’m Chiquita Banana…” commercial (produced by Disney in the 1940s), which we’ve posted below.