Pulse News Reader Now Available for Android – Reports of Bugginess in Android Market Comments

You might recall the quick rise to fame that the Pulse News Reader for the iPad enjoyed after Steve Jobs mentioned it during his WWDC keynote in early June. This was followed by a brief period of infamy after the New York Times complained that pulse infringed on the company’s rights.
Pulse iPad App Gets Steve Jobs’s Praise in Morning…Then Booted From App Store Hours Later After NYT Complains (All Things Digital)
Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the $4.99 app was restored to the app store. All of these events took place is a period less than 48 hours long. The app later became available for the iPhone with a $1.99 version. And, it is now available for Android phones for $1.99 too.
Pulse Is Now Alive And Kicking On Android (TechCrunch)
Translating apps from one platform to another is never fun, easy, or always successful, if you believe in average user review ratings, however. The $1.99 Pulse News Mini iPhone app has a stellar 4.5 (out of a possible 5) rating in the iTunes App Store. The Android version has a respectable but less spectacular 3 star (out of a possible 5) rating in the Android Market. The Android app has uniformly good comments about its user interface design (true for the iPad and iPhone version too). Poor marks seem to be associated more with bugginess and issues with syncing with Google Reader.
I should note that I have not tried any of these releases myself.