Pubs Pick Dry Headlines for Juicy “Pigs…Ass” Quote

The words “juicy”, “pigs” and “ass” are a lot for any one person in one sitting, but come on. Can we not think up better headlines for a congressman (Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) who manages a quote that states: “Pigs are coming out of my ass”?

The quote: Weiner said Democrats have “got to recognize we’re in an entirely different scenario. The last line of the caucus briefing, might as well been “pigs fly out of my ass” because the situation will be so different tomorrow.”

When a lawmaker comes up with a quote like that — and his surnname is Weiner — it seems editors are obliged to step it up.

But here’s what we get in serious-minded D.C.:

House Dems largely reject idea of passing Senate health care bill
–CNN’s Politicalticker blog

Determined or Delusional? House Leadership Sounds Optimistic on HCR
Talking Points Memo

Weiner: House Leadership ‘Whistling Past The Graveyard’

Weiner: Dems should take a step back from health care