Publisher to Charge Student Journalists for Bylines

Pay up, kids

Newsquest, a Gannett owned newspaper publisher in the UK, has a brilliant plan: Instead of paying writers, make them pay you. According to The Guardian, Newsquest will charge colleges and student journalists a total of about $180 for the chance to have their work published in one of its 300 regional newspapers.

Colleges that offer journalism courses have been receiving a letter from Newsquest detailing the exciting offer. Students can write for one of the publisher’s papers for eight months, all the they have to do is pay the “registration fee.” Newsquest is asking $150 per college and $30 per individual for this special honor. The students will produce one article per month that will then be published online. It won’t even appear in print!

We have to hand it to Newsquest, this is amazing. The company is asking unpaid interns to not only go through hell, but to pay for doing so. That’s a business plan satan would surely admire.

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