Publicist, Photojournalist & Newspaper Reporter Rated Among Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs of 2013 released their list of the top 10 occupations with the most stress this year and public relations executives, photojournalists and newspaper reporters landed in the top 10!

Other occupations on the list included enlisted military personnel, military general, commercial airline pilot, firefighter, senior corporate executive, taxi driver, and police officer.

Several metrics were calculated to encompass a jobs rated stress score. For instance, travel, working in the public eye, physical demand and danger were among them. In particular, photojournalists and newspaper reporters landed on the list since they may be thrust into a dangerous situation like war or natural disasters at a moment’s notice.

In addition, the results pointed out photojournalists and reporters in particular have decreasing availability of jobs as technology continues to evolve. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a downward spiral of six percent in the job market for newspaper reporters by 2020.

In addition, considering the breadth of competition in the online media world, the urgency for accurate reporting is at an all-time high. According to stress indicators, this leads to heightened stress, even if it’s an erroneous tweet.

As for PR folks, they’re not only known for spreading a positive spin about their clients, they’re well-versed at reversing negative press and need to think quickly on their feet to deflect bad press, therefore landing on the most stressful occupations list as well.