Twitter, Facebook And The Psychology Of Social Commerce [INFOGRAPHIC]

What makes shoppers reach for their wallets and part with their hard-earned cash?

We might be inclined to think that it’s as simple as an attractive price or a case of need, but the process of buying products is complex and made of many different variables, each of which can push the customer in a totally different direction – and right into the arms of your competitor.

Psychologists have identified six elements that are visible in shoppers:

  1. Social proof (what are others doing?)
  2. Authority (reviews and expertise)
  3. Scarcity (less is more)
  4. Like (emulate the people that you like)
  5. Consistency (stick with brands you trust)
  6. Reciprocity (pay it forward)

Each of these steps plays a key part in helping customers make purchases – by recognizing these stages, brands and retailers can implement changes to provide a more tailored shopping experience, leading to higher sales and greater customer satisfaction.

This infographic from Tabjuice takes a closer look at the psychology of social commerce.

(Source: Tabjuice. Top image credit: Lightspring via Shutterstock.)