Pssst…Anne Schroeder Mullins is Not in the UK

Former Politico scribe and media consultant Anne Schroeder Mullins finds herself in a  jam of spam this holiday week. Her entire g-mail address book received a letter (you can read it after the jump) saying she is in a major bind in the UK and in dire need of cash.

“Oh, I’m aware. I’m in hell,” she remarked. “But it’s nice to know people are so willing to offer cash!”

We hear other journos have suffered similar spam fates in recent months.

Take a look at the letter begging for money…

Apologies for having to reach out to you like this, I made a quick
trip this past weekend to London, UK and my bag got stolen from me
with my passport and credit cards in it. The embassy is willing to
help by letting me fly without my passport, I just have to pay for a
ticket and settle Hotel bills. Unfortunately for me, I can’t have
access to funds without my credit card, I’ve made contact with my bank
but they need more time to come up with a new one. I was thinking of
asking you to lend me some quick funds that I can give back as soon as
I get in. I really need to be on the next available flight.

I can forward you details on how you can get the funds to me. You can
reach me via email or May field hotel’s desk phone, the numbers are,
+447024065511 or +447024064567.

I await your response…
Thank you,