ProPublica and Vox Join Forces to Create a Video Fellowship

It will be a marriage of Vox video know-how and ProPublica investigative content

What you have to know about ProPublica and Vox’s new collaboration is that it stems from previous, successful joint efforts between the two organizations that have produced “work we’re quite proud of,” according to ProPublica’s Eric Umansky and Vox’s Joe Posner in the introduction to the new fellowship position they have created.

It’s a one-year video fellowship that calls for a video producer who will be situated with Vox and will create work based off of ProPublica reporting.

We figure everyone wins: Vox will get to dig into ProPublica’s investigations. ProPublica will get to learn about social video from the best in the business. And most importantly, you — our readers — will get great visual stories treated with creativity, curiosity and care.

For a preview of the type of work the fellow could make, there’s this 2015 video on the origins of the term “narco-terrorism,” created based off of reporting from ProPublica senior reporter Ginger Thompson.

A more recent collaboration between Vox and ProPublica, which also included Kaiser Health News and Stat, involves an effort to fact-check claims representatives are making in letters to constituents regarding the American Health Care Act.

Would be fellows have until the end of the month to get their applications in.

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