Tommy Chong’s Marijuana Cause Goes Up in Smoke

Stoners across the state are crying in their Fruit Loops this morning, trying to figure out how many joints they will have to smoke on the QT before another shot at California legalization in 2012. Still, the residual media buzz from Proposition 19 remains strong, thanks in large part to the celebrities involved. In no particular order:

1) On Monday, November 1st, comedian Tommy Chong (pictured) recorded a MySpace message in favor of Prop 19. “Get it legal, before you wind up in jail, like I did,” he urged. Unfortunately, in this video at least, Chong was perhaps not the optimum physical-specimen-advertisement for smoking lots of weed, legal or otherwise.

2) Yesterday, TMZ had a funny website and TV show report about a new local strain of marijuana called “Mel Gibson.” Grand poobah Harvey Levin shot down the blend’s marketing slogan, “It will make you go ballistic,” noting that hemp typically has the very opposite effect. Improbably, the person smoking the new MG brand on TMZ TV was rapper Nipsey Hussle.

3) Finally, interspersed among today’s endless Prop 19 commentary from stealth marketing sites such as and is the belated revelation that the joint actor Zach Galifianakis smoked on the October 29th edition of Bill Maher‘s HBO show was likely fake. Perhaps on orders from the network, Maher told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Monday that it was “cloves or something.”