ProjectBeltway.Com Launches


Today marks the debut of, a new fashion blog authored by local girl Rachel Cothran.

cothrach2.jpg“Project Beltway is a celebration of style in Washington: the girl on the subway who looks so put together (where did she get her SHOES?!), the guy in a great pair of jeans (you won’t ask, so I’ll ask for you), the executive who gives the “power suit” its name.”

The full release when you click below…

From the release:

    Washington ‘s new “street fashion” blog, Project Beltway (, launched today.

    Editor Rachel Cothran has been blogging offline for several weeks. On the site, she will feature people looking sharp and interesting on the streets of Washington and at traditional Washington-style events and parties.

    Cothran found inspiration for the blog through The New York Times’ photographer Bill Cunningham and the on-the-street fashion blog based in New York City, The Sartorialist. Cothran has trained her camera lens on men, women , local figures and other unique displays of personal expression.

    Project Beltway addresses the popular opinion that Washington isn’t as stylish as other cities like New York or Los Angeles.

    Contrary to popular perception, D.C. is much more than basic black, grey, and beige. It’s colorful city with as many fashion choices as political factions. In a city where power dictates fashion, instead of the other way around, Project Beltway will aim to go beyond the power suits and prove that the nation’s capital has a style as interesting as the people shaping its unique culture.

    The site will feature profiles, photo essays, reader submissions & forums, local designer spotlights and local product features.

    “Project Beltway will celebrate style in Washington,” insists Cothran. “There will be no ‘don’ts.'”