Project Resistance Details Taking a Windows Mobile App From Inception to Market

If you are curious about what it is like to take a Windows Mobile software development project from inception to market, keep track of Chris Tacke (an independent developer who was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional designation) in a blog series named…

Project Resistance

The code for this project will eventually be availble from Microsoft’s Codeplex code repository site…

The project is defined as:

Project Resistance is intended to be a fully transparent view into the process of conceiving, developing and selling an application for Windows Mobile. The idea here is that anyone will be able to look at how sausage gets made.

We’re going to start by creating a production-quality application, following best practices for coding, etc. etc. All of the source code will be published here, and we will blog about the process, the thoughts we have, and the hurdles we encounter. Bear in mind that Alex and I are already experienced WinMo/Win CE developers, so it’s not going to be a beginner’s How-to type of process. We’re not here to teach you how to wire up an event.

And, the Windows Mobile application itself is described like this:

The application is going to be very simple, but something that’s actually functional. It will allow you to select color bands on a resistor and it will tell you the resistance. Alternately you will be able to give it a resistance and the application will tell you what the color bands will be. If you have no idea what any of that means, take a look at the Wikipedia entry on resistors. Essentially a resistor has stripes on it and the stripes correlate to numbers, which tell you the resistance in ohms.