Project Fishbowl: FNC’s Dana Perino & Jasper

Welcome to our relatively new feature, “Project Fishbowl”, in which we take photographs and anything else we find worthy of analyzing and put it through severe scrutiny. Kind of like TV’s “Project Runway”, but with a fishy twist. Today we have Fox News “The Five” host Dana Perino with her beloved dog, Jasper, who sometimes poses in what look to be pornographic poses. Today she tones it down a little. As an FYI: Sometimes we invite guests to appear on Project Fishbowl. Today is no exception.

Betsy: Adorable Jasper sound asleep after breastfeeding.

Peter: This is a really sweet pic of Dana and Greg Gutfeld.

Eddie: The curl in her lips
The ice in her stair
The innocent children better beware
She’s like a spider waiting
for the kill
Look out for
Cruella De Vil

Piranhamous: It’s often said that “men are dogs.” In this case, every heterosexual man, and even some gay ones, wishes that were true. For a few minutes, anyway.

Deep Sea Dweller: “Hi. My name is Dana. I’m 40 years old, love long walks on the beach, dogs, and nights in curled up on the couch. I’m looking for someone to switch spots with my cute pup.”

The Daily Caller‘s TV writer Jeff Poor:  It looks like a pose that’s like one of those maternal magazine celebrity covers with Jessica Simpson, Snooki and their respective children that haunt you at the grocery store checkout line. At least it didn’t cross this threshold (see disgusting picture after jump…)