Professor Ezra Klein…

We’re shining up a delicious red apple and getting it gleaming. Apparently WaPo‘s liberal blogger Ezra Klein fancies himself a teacher of men. We’re calling it Ezra-gance (-noun def. a condition in which arrogance emerges in a person named “Ezra”). In a weekend story, his lede said as much. Professor Klein may enjoy learning a word commonly known as: peer. As one reporter put it, “Gag.”

Good morning, class. Today’s topic, as you know, is “The Evolution of the American Health-Care System” between 2010 and 2030. Before we begin, either turn off your iGlasses or make sure they’re not set to holographically project whatever you’re daydreaming. I did not like last week’s glimpse into Alexa’s subconscious.

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