Most Willing To Exchange Private Social Data For Better Online Experience, Says Study [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s an interesting statistic: more than half of social network users in the United Kingdom say they are willing to share their private social data on other websites in exchange for personalised content and a better experience.

54 percent would share their relationship status with a third party website, and half (50 percent) would share their interests and hobbies. Almost three in five (56 percent) would login using their social media profile, and 41 percent would be happy to see product recommendations based on their (social) interests.

Users are most willing to share their social data with general retailers and supermarkets, and 57 percent say that offers and discounts on relevant products are the key driver in exposing their private information to these websites.

This infographic from Intent, who surveyed 2,000 UK adults who use social networks, takes a closer look at the relationship between the data we all share on social networks and our growing willingness to let this information be pushed around the social web… particularly when there’s a chance of a bargain.

(Source: Intent.)